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Monday 15th May 2017 01:34:36 PM by Reading Glasses Company London

distance glasses for short sightedor nearsighted peopleShort-sightedness, also known as myopia, is a common eyesight condition which affects the clarity of distant objects. Close-up, for example when reading, everything can appear sharp, but further away things become blurred, causing difficulty with activities like watching cinema or theatre, and reading signage at a distance. According to the NHS, around 30% of the population are short-sighted, and the condition is on the increase.

Nearsightedness, as the condition is also known, is caused by a small inaccuracy in the eye’s physical dimensions; the eye becomes too elongated on its front-back axis, meaning light is focussed in front of, rather that on, the retina, causing faraway objects to be out of focus. One theory as to the causes of myopia is that extended periods of close-up focus, for example on books or computer screens, can be a contributory factor. There is also evidence that myopia can be hereditary

The glasses worn by short-sighted people are known as ‘distance glasses’ or ‘nearsighted glasses’ as opposed to ‘reading glasses’, the common name for eyewear for longsighted people. The strength of lenses required for both conditions is measured in ‘Diopters’, with plus (+) values indicating correction for long-sightedness and minus (-) for short-sightedness, followed by a numerical indication of strength (for example 1.0 = milder, 3.5 = stronger)

Here at The Reading Glasses Company, London, we offer distance glasses in a choice of four strengths: -1.0, -1.5, -2.0 and -2.5, which cover the most common requirements. We also offer a comprehensive range of frame styles and colours to suit everyone’s tastes in style. And the best news of all, our distance glasses cost a fraction of those to be found on sale at some High Street opticians and big ‘brands’

Near sighted short sighted myopia glassesYou can check which value distance glasses you need from your most recent optician’s prescription. It is important to have your eyes checked regularly and to seek the advice of your optician and/or doctor, especially for less common prescription values or eyesight conditions, but for those needing straightforward lens values between -1.0 and -2.5, and who are in possession of a valid prescription from a qualified optometrist, glasses have never been more affordable. And for that reason, you can now keep a pair in your bag, at work, and take a couple of pairs when travelling, without fear of losing or damaging a hugely expensive asset

Longsighted people requiring reading glasses, please read our article here

You can browse our range here and shop online or call us between 9am and 5pm on +44 (0)20 8953 1102. FREE P&P (UK).

PLEASE NOTE: To purchase our distance glasses products you must have a valid prescription from a registered optometrist. It is your responsibility to verify that the product matches the prescription given to you by your optometrist. We accept no liability for injury or damage to eyes due to an incorrect order placed by you. Please see our terms and conditions for more.


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